Coin Laundry

Easy-Breezy Coin-Operated Laundry Machinery

Cleanest and busiest coin-operated laundry services where ClearToken payments are also accepted

Laundry Time Circle is home to Colorado Springs’s largest and cleanest coin laundry, with over 110 machines. Equipped with a variety of machines and washers to fulfill any of your laundry needs, our facilities have five different sizes of washers, ranging from the simple, standard single top loader all the way up to the biggest washer around—the front-loading eight-load machine.

With the adoption of the latest payment processing technologies in different parts of our store, we offer customers a multitude of payment options that go beyond coins and paper bills, along with accepting ClearToken. Our cashless payment solutions also allow you to flash your phone and starting the machine by scanning a QR code or by using a mobile payment app. This adaptation of new technology in our laundry business is the type of thing that sets us apart.

Your time spent at Laundry Time Circle goes beyond laundry services.

We see to your comfort and total convenience while you wait, from hot beverages and soda at our fully stocked vending machines to arcade games and cable television for your enjoyment. Drop by at Laundry Time Circle, and you will find out that cleaning the dirt off your clothes has never been more fun.

Look under our Specials Page to find more information on our frequent customer cards along with timely specials.

Laundry Time Circle
Laundry Time Circle
  • Free Wi-Fi – Laundry Time Circle has deployed an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network utilizing Comcast’s high-speed, fiber-optic network. We have also strategically placed power outlets throughout our laundromat so you can easily keep all of your electronic devices charged while doing your laundry.
  • Free Coffee - Enjoy a free cup of coffee while at our self-service laundromat. Ask one of our attendants, and they will happily oblige.
  • High-Definition Television - How many self-service laundromats that you know of have five flat-screen TVs for your viewing convenience? Laundry Time does! Catch up on your news, sports, or talk shows while doing your wash.
  • Kids' Corner Play Area - We know how difficult it is to watch your children and wash clothes at the same time. We try to help by having a corner dedicated to your children. We have a flat-screen television playing animated children's movies all day and chalkboards for them to draw on.
  • The Region’s Largest Pinball Arcade – Laundry Time Circle takes pride in its extensive pinball collection that is always in working order. Come check out five of the top fifty pinballs in the industry!