Learn How Ozone Effectively Cleans Your Laundry

What is Ozone?

2. Ozone is oxygen (O2) with an extra atom of oxygen attached, thus forming 03
3. lightning stormOzone is formed naturally during a lightning storm. The creation of Ozone is nature’s way of purifying the atmosphere, and is what gives clothesline-dried linen that “fresh air” smell
4. Ozone is an extremely effective sanitizing and disinfecting agent. In fact, Ozone kills bacteria faster than chlorine. Most new water treatment plants are treated with Ozone instead of chlorine.
5. Ever notice that bottled water tastes and smells much better than tap water?
6. That is because bottled water is purified with Ozone instead of chlorine. The bad taste and smell in your tap water is nothing more than residual chlorine.
7. How does Ozone work in a laundry?
8. ozone in a laundry. Ozone carries an electrical/chemical charge in the washing solution, which actually starts to dissolve soil on contact. This process activates the chemicals in cold water instead of using hot water at 140-160 degrees. Sanitizing of your linen is equal to standard laundry procedures.

Longer Linen Life

laundryDid you know that whenever chlorine bleach and extremely hot water are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs which actually damages the linen fibers? With Ozone, this chemical reaction is eliminated. Our customers have reported that their linen life has increased by 30% or more.