Learn How Ozone Effectively Cleans Your Laundry

What is Ozone?

  1. Ozone, commonly referred to as “Natures’ Sanitizer,” is an unstable molecule that naturally purifies the atmosphere.
  2. Ozone is produced when a high energy source, such as lightning, splits a normal oxygen (O2) molecule, and they are then reformed as three parts of oxygen (Tri-Atomic Oxygen) or O3. The bond between the normal molecule of oxygen (O2) and this additional molecule of oxygen is weak and unstable, allowing for this molecule to virtually attack and neutralize almost anything organic that it comes in contact with. It is this instability that makes Ozone such a strong oxidizer and sanitizer.
  3. Ozone is the strongest-reproducible sanitizer known to man. It is used in many industries that affect us daily. Ozone is much more than just a sanitizer. It is used almost exclusively by the bottled water industry.
  4. Ozone in solution destroys algae and bacteria to be able to purify drinking water without the strong chlorine after taste. Ozone is used to kill bacteria and fungus on produce. The after effects of ozone will give fruits and vegetables a longer shelf life.
  5. Ozone is used everyday in hotels to remove odors from hotel rooms. Smoking rooms can be odor free in just a few short hours.
  6. Ozone is used in the Food Processing industry to kill bacteria such as e-Coli.
  7. It has been proven in numerous tests that in high enough concentrations, ozone is very effective in killing bacteria and viruses such as: HIV and Hepatitis, plus the new Superbugs: C.Diff, Aspergillus niger, and MRSA.
  8. Ozone in a laundry. Ozone carries an electrical/chemical charge in the washing solution, which actually starts to dissolve soil on contact. This process activates the chemicals in cold water instead of using hot water at 140-160 degrees. Sanitizing of your linen is equal to standard laundry procedures

Longer Linen Life

Did you know that whenever chlorine bleach and extremely hot water are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs which actually damages the linen fibers? With Ozone, this chemical reaction is eliminated. Our customers have reported that their linen life has increased by 30% or more.