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Trust us and our eco-safe "green cleaning" process for your most valuable garments.

Dry cleaning is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent other than water. It is used to clean delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough and tumble of a washing machine and clothes dryer. A dry cleaning machine, which is similar to a combination of a domestic washing machine and clothes dryer, also eliminates labor-intensive handwashing.

Garments are placed in the washing or extraction chamber (referred to as the "basket" or "drum"), which constitutes the core of the machine. The washing chamber contains a horizontal, perforated drum that rotates within an outer shell. The shell holds the solvent while the rotating drum holds the garment load.

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Convenient and Reliable Dry Cleaning Services in Colorado Springs

Laundrytime Circle is your go-to destination for exceptional dry cleaning services in Colorado Springs. Our laundromat offers top-notch solutions to keep your clothes and fabrics looking pristine. With skilled dry cleaners, we guarantee meticulous attention to detail and the utmost care for your garments. Enjoy the convenience of our pick-up and drop-off (delivery) service, ensuring your laundry cleaning needs are met with no hassle. Whether delicate fabrics, stubborn stains, or everyday wear, our expert staff will handle it all. Experience the difference at Laundrytime Circle and trust us to provide the best dry cleaning services in Colorado Springs.

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Save the Delicate Fabrics From the Rough and Tumble of a Traditional Washing Machine

We all have a beautiful dress that we want to save for special occasions. But we are worried about giving it the rough treatment of a washing machine after we have worn it only one time. We understand that the beloved dress gracing us with beauty and elegance deserves a fragile treatment.

We give you a perfect solution to such washing problems with our impeccable dry cleaning service. The next time you are worried about your dress getting all worn out by the rough washing, consider availing the reliable dry cleaning services at Laundry Time Circle.

It’s a dilemma that all people face when they take their clothes into dry cleaners—starch or no starch?

If you’re new to the dry cleaning scene, this question may throw you for a bit of a loop—after all, when you’re doing your own laundry at home, there’s a decent chance that you’re not going out of your way to starch your clothes. Before you panic and make a decision that you’re not sure of, take a look at our quick guide of clothes that can be starched:

Dress Shirts: When you buy a brand-new dress shirt, take out all of the pins and needles and finally put it on, you may notice that it feels a bit stiffer than most other shirts you may buy. This stiffness is induced by starching. Starch is used to keep shirts stiffer and less wrinkled than they would be if you just had them regularly washed and dried. Stiffness can be an asset when you’re talking about dress shirts, so it’s never a bad idea to have them starched when taking them to be laundered.

Dress Pants: For a crisp, clean look that will retain its smoothness and repel wrinkles, it’s also a good idea to lightly starch your dress pants. Dress pants can hang in a closet or sit idly folded in a drawer for an extended period of time if you’re not wearing them daily—starch helps them to keep their recently ironed appearance no matter when you pull them out. Beware, however, because too much starch and you could look a little stiff-legged when you show up to your next business meeting!

Remember, there are generally three types of starch treatment available—light, medium, and heavy. The more starch used on your clothes, the more rigid they’ll be, so plan ahead and have the appropriate answer ready to go when you get here. Most of the time, you’ll benefit from a light starch, however at times, depending on the attire, a medium and even a heavy starch may be necessary to keep your clothes looking like they’ve just come off the rack.